P. Glatzeder GmbH

NOW Contec GmbH & Co. KG

Am Stoppelkamp 15
32758 Detmold

fon +49 (0)5231 . 9652-0
fax +49 (0)5231 . 9652-20


Im Gefähr 7
67714 Waldfischbach-Burgalben

fon +49 (0)6333 . 9210-0
fax +49 (0)6333 . 9210-90



Contacts at P. Glatzeder GmbH

Contacts at Now Contec GmbH & CO. KG

Peter Glatzeder Geschäftsführer
Andreas Klein General Management
Process engineering
Rolf Brand General Management
Distribution and process engineering
Bülent Sagdic Sales Management, Logistics and QM
Kristin Glatzeder Finances and Human Resources 
Kristina Grunert,
Katrin Schröder und
Petra Albeke
Assistants to Distribution & Order Processing
Jürgen Hüther General Management and Distribution
Uwe Memmer Process Engineering and Logistics
Marco Bußer Logistics and QM
Christian Haag Logistics and Purchases
Karin Endler und
Petra Weishaar
Assistants to Distribution & Order Processing


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