Our Services


Rewinding, cutting, hot and cold calendering, printing, creation of rectangular and other shaped blanks, creation of folded products, production of pouches, bags and other products from nonwovens, storage and shipment to domestic and international destinations


Rewinding, cutting, printing, bonding, packing, palletizing of nonwovens and films, storage and shipment to domestic and international destinations


Rewinding Unwinding max. Ø 120 cm,
 Winding max. Ø 120 cm,
 Roll widths up to 350 cm
Slitting From 7 mm (narrow strips)
Calendering  From 150 cm to 350 cm, to 230°C
Printing Up to 300 cm single-colour flexo print
Bonding To full-width webs up to approx. 21 m wide
Rectangular blanks Min. 10 x 10 cm, max. 240 x 500 cm
Other shaped blanks Circles, trapezoids, custom shapes available (also punched)
Folding  Production of individual, multi-folded, saleable packaging units from nonwovens, woven fabrics and technical textiles 
Bags, pouches etc. Available in almost all sizes
Packing Fully-automated up to 150 cm,
Semi-automated up to 300 cm


Services in detail


  • Unwinding (3” – 7”) and winding (2”, 3” and 7”) of roll diameters up to 120 cm, for material widths of up to 350 cm
  • Creation of short rolls from 10 m (also coreless) with widths up to 150 cm

Cutting and parting off

  • Cutting from 3 cm to 350 cm
  • Parting off from a width of 7 mm, with 2” and 3” cores

Creation of blanks

  • Rectangular blanks are produced on automatic machines
  • Sizes min. 10 x 10 cm to max. 240 x 500 cm
  • Shaped blanks, also possible to create blanks with punched holes
  • All shapes possible

Folding of individual, shaped products

  • Multiple folding and packaging of individual, saleable packaging units
  • Made of nonwovens, woven fabrics and technical textiles

Bags and pouches etc.

  • A wide variety of nonwoven products can be sewn
  • 4-colour printing possible on these products
  • E.g. filter bags, protective covers (automotive), especially in the area of packaging, head covers (hygiene), tote bags, nonwoven suits, etc.


  • Upper steel roller heatable up to 230°C
  • Lower shaft, plastic coated, 88-core
  • Pressure from 20 – 290 N
  • Working width up to 350 cm


  • Flexo print process, single-colour
  • Logo and full surface printing
  • Print widths up to 3000 mm
  • Repeat lengths from 360 to 1200 mm
  • Printing tailored to customer wishes incl. repro and printing plate production


  • Of several nonwoven webs up to a total width of approx. 21 m
  • Subsequent folding on to approx. 2 m roll widths and winding of up to 500 m roll lengths


  • Fully-automated packing and palletizing for small rolls up to 1500 mm
  • Semi-automated packaging system for large rolls up to widths of 3000 mm
  • Automated affixation of inlays and labels

Our service for you

  • Administration of all logistics procedures, from procurement of materials right through to handling of shipments to the end customer on behalf of our customer (also if required with the implementation of computer software for real-time data synchronisation)
  • Procurement/ordering of raw materials
  • Storage of materials to be used in manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Packing in accordance with individual packaging requirements
  • Storage of finished goods
  • Completion of customs formalities
  • Delivery and administration of shipping to domestic and international destinations